Marketing Performance

Marketing performance management is the analytical management of marketing resources and processes to achieve measurable gain in efficiency and return on investment, while maintaining a high-quality customer experience.

It is based on the following factors: 

  • Alignment – A direct line of sight must be established between customer understanding, enterprise objectives, business development goals and marketing strategy.
  • Accountability - Selecting the right metrics, integrating performance targets and reporting are all essential to successful marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics – Analysing campaign data assists with monitoring and understanding the impact of a marketing campaign and predicting customer behaviour.
  • Automation – The automation of marketing processes can reduce manual labour, error and inconsistencies.
  • Alliances – Strategic arrangements between companies to co-develop, co-promote or co-deliver which create additional value for customer base.
  • Assessment – Evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities is essential to ensure continual improvement in performance.

Analysis of marketing campaign performance is crucial if you wish to increase the effectiveness of your lead generation or conversion rate. We can provide independent audits, expert advice and coaching to help you align your existing marketing activities or develop new marketing strategies.

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