Facebook advertising: an introduction for business owners.

competition should be your friend

Facebook ads work!.....I know because I regularly buy clothes I don’t need thanks to ads that flash up on my newsfeed! Damn you ASOS! With 2.8 billion active daily users, Facebook ads are a fantastic way to target specific customers. The challenge is getting your message in front of the right people: the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or service. And, of course, ads take time and money to create – your time and money – so there isn’t much room for error...READ MORE

Why the competition should be your friend, not your enemy.

competition should be your friend

Picture this scenario: your business is ticking along quite happily when, all of a sudden, a rival company appears on the scene, offering a similar product or service to you. It is normal to feel threatened by their sudden presence – instinctive even. After all, your audience and customer base is also their audience and customer base, right? ......READ MORE.

How to market yourself when you hate being in the spotlight

Learn to market yourself - Marketingpace

You’ve finished! Your book, your website, your product, your shop.

After all the hard work it’s done! But now it’s time to start marketing. You need to get people to come into your new shop, buy your product, read your book, or attend your workshop. You need to find your perfect audience or clients. It’s time to self-promote. ......READ MORE.

How To Use Awareness Days To Create Social Media Content

How To Use Awareness Days To Create Social Media Content

There are so many awareness days to choose from but how do you decide which ones are relevant for your business? How do you create topical and appropriate content that promotes your unique brand across social media? ......READ MORE.

Ten ways to support a small business besides clicking ‘Like’

support small buinesses marketingpace

It has been a tough year and lots of small businesses are struggling; some simply will not survive. Others, however, have been able to use opportunities thrown up by COVID-19 to launch new ventures, either through choice or necessity......READ MORE.

Could you sell your business in the time it takes to catch an elevator?

elevator pitch marketingpace

You run for the lift and low and behold there’s the prospect you’ve been trying to land for the last year. You’ve got 20–30 seconds to sell your business...... READ MORE.